Do you want help with your audition monologues?

Hi again! Sasha here! With Covid shifting the way we interact and operate as teaching artists I thought I would make myself available to help coach audition monologues for teens and young adults on Zoom! As a professional Actor in Oklahoma/Chicago/ Montana/ Philadelphia for many years I know how frustrating finding the perfect monologue can be! I also know how overwhelming it can be walking into a room and being your most authentic self AND performing a piece to show off your acting abilities. I would love to help you own a piece of text that you feel comfortable with! 

45$ for 45 minute sessions-  free 15 minute consultation included prior to scheduled meet up time

Sessions include yoga warm up-  text analysis-  on your feet coaching 

I would recommend at least 2 sessions per monologue for us to really sink our teeth into! 

Fill out this form to schedule a consultation and session and we will get going!

Contact Me and Lets get going!